Argo Open ´18

The GSB Debating Society was on tour again!
From Wednesday, the 29th of August 2018 to Monday the 3rd of September, the senior team (including Hanna Timmann, Nele Klatt, Louisa Brandl, Keziah Tsagli and Lilly Hoppe) went to the Argo Open in Romania. In this international Debating tournament we were able to compete against a lot of other teams from around the world. Our Coach Mr. Schuster supported us throughout the six rounds of debates.

We debated about important matters for example whether social issues like gay marriage or abortion should be decided by referendum, rent control, outsourcing and other issues.
We did not only learn alot about those matters during preperation, but also by seeing the perspective of the opposing teams.
The 24 teams participating came from all around the world, countries like Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Romania of course and many more.
While the debates we met alot of new people, who showed us once again how important it is to talk about these political, economical and social issues.
The tournament offered some fun activities, for example a judges debate in which some really good judges debated against each other on the topic of satire influencing politics. It was fun to watch and really inspering because they were all excelent debaters.
We spend the Thursday with preparing and Friday and saturday we had three rounds of debates each. On
Sunday we had the opportunity to visit the
Romanian capital Bucharest. There we had a look at some sights like the palace of parliament, which is one of the the biggest buildings in Europe.
In the evening we had the Final Dance Party at a local Bar. There all teams came together to dance and have a  good time.
On Monday we had to leave very early and by that unfortunatly missed the big final, which Team Canada Central won! All in all it was a wonderful trip and sadly also the last trip for three of our senior team members (Nele, Hanna and Louisa) because they write the Abitur this year.

Our Senior Team during their speeches in the debates: v.l Hanna Timmann, Louisa Brandl, Keziah Tsagli, Lilly Hoppe and Nele Klatt


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